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17 July 2008

Katie Holmes back on TV in Eli Stone

The biggest news from TV land when I woke up this morning is Katie Holmes' return to television. She has been asked to guest star on Eli Stone and, in keeping with how the show is, she will apparently be singing and dancing, too . Her TV appearance coincides with her Broadway debut.

Katie Holmes will be on Eli Stone's second episode, which will air October 21, where she will play a lawyer.

Eli Stone stars Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie's ex-husband. And if ABC, the network carrying the show is saying this...
From ABC's standpoint, the value of going Holmes is fairly obvious. "For a show we believe had a tough loss from the strike," says ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson, "it helps with promotion."
...I can just imagine how much $$$ an Angelina Jolie guest appearance would mete.

Other stuff to look forward to on Eli Stone:
  • George Michael could return and sing again in December
  • Eli Stone has no more aneurysm, which means he's not supposed to have visions anymore. But he is going to embrace his prophet...hood (?) and still have "powers"
  • There's a possibility for a third woman in Eli Stone's lovelife

1 comment:

  1. Many lawyers consider themselves prophets, but the titular character of ABC's drama series "Eli Stone" may be the real deal.
    Eli Stone
    has built a successful career at a top law firm in San Francisco representing only the biggest and richest corporations that make a habit of screwing over the little guy.