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04 July 2008

He has no bones in his body!

Robert Muraine is his name.

I didn't know what happened to him during the auditions of So You Think You Can Dance, I skipped that part and went watching straight to Top 20. It sounded like he quit halfway through. But he's been invited back to dance last night.

And I was picking my jaw up the floor while watching him do this (watch video). He was. Just. Awesome.

On the same note, I think this guy almost broke his (bones).

He is Gev and he was one of the six people fighting for a spot last night. When choosen in the bottom three (each per gender), the dancers are required to do a 30 second solo to prove they should stay instead of being eliminated off. I'm so enjoying this show!


  1. thanks for that vid. robert guested on ellen (that's where i first saw him). he is so freaky but really good!

  2. It's so weird watching him but he's really good!