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13 February 2008

American Idol: Hollywood Round Favorites

I usually take it with a grain of salt when someone from Idol makes a claim about this season being “the best yet” or having the “best batch of talented singers”. But for American Idol 7, I think I would have to buckle under and believe it. Last night’s Hollywood round did deliver some of really good talents and as a fan of the show (and of music), I’ve rounded up my favorites. Rumors are going around, these people have made it Top 24, too… | Click for my American Idol Top Choices this week.


  1. mukang the american idol heat is on! and yes, we have our early favorites... i hope they all make it sa top 24...
    aside from you fave, i like the epperson girl too... and the nadia turner look-alike.
    oh, and i dont like the blonde guy who sang last last night... weird...
    hope we'll all be happy tomorrow night!

  2. The blond British sounding guy (Josiah?) gives a different flavor, but he wouldn't last the competition.

    The Nadia look-a-like, kahit may sore throat na ganda pa rin ng boses.