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27 February 2008

American Idol: Boys Night Round 2

Migraine acting up, so keeping this short and sweet. Top 3:

- Eze rebounds and delivers. Told ya he's good.
- David H's got the vocal chops, no arguments there. Still waiting for Simon to say, "Best vocals in this contest".
- David Cook is like Daughtry with hair. But he sure knows what he's doing. And word nerds are attractive. Bitchin' at Simon isn't.
- David A. is a technical singer, so there's a reason why he's good. The problem I'm seeing in him? He doesn't sound "pop". And we'll see that even more once the Top 12 heats are up.
- Michael Johns had an off night. Maybe he's got bronchitis? Hee.
- Am dropping Jason Yeager in my Top 6. Although I'm not saying I didn't enjoy his performance. (What's the matter with me, why am I liking this cheeseball?) It's just that someone else deserves the position better. Like the other Jason.
- So whose arrogant, obnoxious response to Simon did you love or hate more? Eze? David Cook? Danny from last week?
- And I'm gonna put it out there --- I envy Danny's pretty, pretty hair! LOL!

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