27 May 2007

Previously on MindyTV --- Life was Hell

...or something like it.

The week that passed is perhaps my lowest moment for 2007, so far. And I think it will continue to get worst.

I could not even get around to my routine TV watching, can you believe that? Yes, I was that depressed and bothered...still am in fact, that I didn't care Heroes ended Season 1 or that Studio 60 episodes are back or that my bet to win Idols, Jordin, actually won.

Instead, I turned to my Friends DVD to cheer me up. It helped. A little bit. That gang of 6 is really therapy for me. But I soon as I turn off the DVD player, it was back to reality again. :(

The reason behind this is rooted in fraud. Yes, I think I may have been duped. And I want someone to pay. I just don't want to get all crazy-lady about it....YET. Wait till full moon. Haha!

And a bigger part of me is still holding on to hope; that things will turn for the better. That's what Little House in The Prairie taught me. Or Seventh Heaven. Bleech. And what I really want to do, truthfully? To go Sydney Bristow on certain individuals. Or be on Jack Bauer mode. My kill instincts are quite sharp right now.

Anyway, happy thoughts!!!!!

My brother and pregnant sister-in-law just had an ultrasound last Friday and they wasted no time texting everybody in the family here and back home. It's gonna be a baby girl whoohoo! The first baby girl in the family! We're all anticipating her arrival in July. After six pesky brutes... correction, six adorable pesky brutes (my son & his boy cousins), we're finally having a princess in the family!

Kid count: 6 + 1
1 boy - my son
1 boy - my eldest first cousin's son
1 boy - my brother's, from a previous relationship
1 boy - my second eldest first cousin's
1 boy - my eldest first cousin's second son
1 boy - my youngest first cousin's son who came to the world last Dec
1 girl - coming in July

Yoohoo! And the best thing is, my brother told me they will take my name for the baby. Actually their gonna name her after our beloved departed grandmother, but I was named after her as well, so....

That's the highlight of my otherwise awful, awful, awful week.

I suddenly miss my grandma.

Please God, let this be over.