05 May 2007

Bad headache. Bad writing.

I've been having this terrible headache for few days or so. Because I'm a hypochondriac of sorts, I have diagnosed myself as having a cardiac episode or something. I've been eating too much fried food lately. Because I have limited time to spend in the kitchen these days (work has been toxic), frying is the best way to feed my family quickly. That and ordering out. Which can get expensive, as you know.

Anyway, last night my headache was so unbearable, I could not even move my head to the left or right. So if someone was talking to me from behind, I could not look sideways without cringing. The pain was on the left side of my head. And it wasn't stiff neck or anything. It was pretty bad.

Also last night, I went to an ATM to withdraw some money and for the first time ever --- I forgot the PIN code! Twice! I was just telling myself, while waiting in line at the ATM machine, that this headache is a sign of stress and that I'm pretty much distracted and struggling with some things, that I could maybe forget the PIN code. And I did!

When I got back from the bank, I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face and looking at the mirror, I sort of noticed my face was uneven.

With my inexplicable headache, the fact that I experienced memory loss, having eaten fried almost every meal this week and... as a doctor without any medical degree (hahaha!) I took that to mean --- I was having a stroke.

Of course I wasn't.

The reason why my face was uneven was because I had allergies from the cough meds I was taking. When I develop cough, it's terrible. Like a dog, barking all the time.

And maybe, the reason why I was having a headache is because of stress, really. As one of my friends said about me....it's how I am. That's how Virgos like me are. We analyze things a lot and worry about stuff when we shouldn't. Our minds are continually stressing over things so we get headaches often. She's probably right.

Anyway, real doctors could not find what was wrong with me. My lungs are clear, no phlegm or anything. The pain in my head is not a stroke. I'm pretty much still very healthy (knock on wood). Yes it could be stress. Or it could be the weather.

So much for that. From real doctors and sickness, let's jump to the fake ones in fantasy land, shall we?

Last night, I was able to watch the spin-off episode of Private Practice. My initial reaction? Meh. I'm not completely sold yet, since I know what I saw is not exactly the actual TV series. Granting that they've been using the spot to introduce Addie's new life within Grey's Anatomy's slot, there are plenty of areas to improve on. And how I hope it will improve.

Recaps of that episode here.

And then I have to say something about bad writing for what used to be good TV..... Whatever happened to Shonda Rhimes (Writer/Executive Producer)? See here, ladies and gentlemen:

In this scene Dell is coming on to Naomi:

Naomi: You're fetus. You could be my fetus
Dell: Cuckoo-kacho, Mrs. Robinson
Naomi: You can't use "The Graduate" as a defense. You can't use a movie made before you were born as a defense.

Cheesy. Corny. Stupid.

Lines like these don't belong on prime time. Lines like these don't deserve awards.

And then Dell says the funniest thing, and I am not saying this as a compliment. I heard something I have not heard in over 6 years:

Dell: I like you and you like me.

What the hell was that? Am I watching this? --->

Here's another one:
Pete to Addison: I'm gonna kiss you, I'm gonna kiss you with tongue.


I'm gonna walk away. I'm gonna walk with my feet.
I'm gonna turn off the TV. I'm gonna turn off the TV with my hand. (Actually, I'm using the clicker. But because I say lines like that, I'm probably too dumb to figure it out.)

I'm gonna get a headache again!

Oh, yes..... I don't know if it was because I was suffering from one while I was watching Heroes, also last night. But for the life of me, I could not understand what was going on! Hee! I was too busy analyzing the timeline (there I go again, my Virgo mind at work!) to grasp that episode.

But this guy? Hummanaaa-hummanaaa-hummanaaa!!

Peter and his GQ Model walk...while fighting bad people.

There's a new heartthrob on TV.
His name is Future Peter Petrelli.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 3 Episode 22 & 23 - The Other Side of This Life
Original Airing: May 3, 2007
Network: ABC

Season 1 Episode 20 - Five Years Gone
Original Airing: April 30, 2007
Network: NBC