07 May 2007

Looking forward to Frank Miller's Ronin

On movie choices, if you're anything like I am...I mean you basically love these elements:
  • epic magnitude
  • astonishing cinematography
  • awesome fight scenes
  • if applicable, awesome fight scenes with swordplay
Then you will probably like this news from Variety:
After turning the Frank Miller graphic novel "300" into a hit, Warner Bros. has optioned the rights to Miller's "Ronin" to adapt into a live-action feature.

Sylvain White ("Stomp the Yard") will direct.

In the story, a ronin, or disgraced samurai warrior, bears the shame of allowing his master to be assassinated by a shape-shifting demon in 13th century Japan. When the master's sword is unearthed in mid-21st century New York, the ronin and the demon are brought to life and battle gangs of mutants and thugs to try to take possession of the mythical sword.


"Ronin" will be shot in a fashion similar to that employed for "300," in which blue- and green-screen lensing was done on a Montreal soundstage to create an ancient Greece battleground for a $65 million film.