19 May 2007

Season Finale - Grey's Anatomy

Now, I should have known. The reason why writing has become so bad for this show is because someone else has been steering everything; someone new to the show. I don't know if you've noticed but after the 8th episode or so, Grey's Anatomy suddenly had a different feel. I just read that they've brought in new writers half this season (writers fired from Brothers & Sisters before they retooled B & S to become a better show). Because how else would they come up with lines like this ---- "I'm me again and the me that I am is horny for the you that you are."

No longer the "dark and twisty" series it once was. Grey's Anatomy ended this week with just a little bang...

The best moment for me was Christina's last scences towards the end. While I think her display of emotion was over the top and very dramatic, I can understand it. She didn't say, "Burke is gone. I am alone." She said, "Burke is gone. I am free." The last word made all the difference. Half the episode, Christina looked like a Geisha, without the eyebrows. And oh, yes that was funny!!! - "Momma took my eyebrows. She took my eyebrows and now I'm a Burke!" Geisha-Christina was a representation of her being submissive to her husband (to be)....which isn't like her at all. If she went with the marriage, she would have to compromise who she is. Hence, instead of saying I am alone, she says: I am free.

The other best moment for me was the scene between Nazi and George (whose character I really cannot understand now) with Nazi saying, "George, did I fail you?" That question was loaded with meaning. For Nazi. She was probably really feeling so much like a failure.

As I was watching the season finale, I kept thinking how much shortchanged Nazi is this year. Here she was, a very dedicated doctor, who actually just gave birthto her baby boy (who has not even turned one year old). But this season we find her back on her feet, as if she didn't have a baby to take care of and in what felt like just 2 weeks of maternity leave for her. She opened a free-clinic; guided her interns, berated her superiors for acting like 8 year olds.... and she didn't get anything from all her sacrifices. She was not made Chief of anything. Instead they named Callie the Chief Resident....Callie, whose professional capabilities we never actually saw played out very well in the series, so why her then? Although, as far as strong characters go, I do know she can kick Izzie's butt. (Yeah!).

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Will be back in September, because I have invested too much emotion in this show already. But this may not be on my most-eager-to-watch list now.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 3 Episode 24 - Didn't We Almost Have It All?
Original Airing: May 17, 2007
Network: ABC