17 May 2007

CBS Upfront 2007-2008

What happens in an "Upfront"?
- It's a gathering between TV exces and Advertising execs.
- It's when TV Networks parade upcoming shows, in this case - Fall 2007-2008, to advertisers.
- It's when TV shows (old and new) are announced.

CBS had theirs yesterday: New line-up for 2007-2008.

- I have no idea why CBS is the "most watched network".
- Their new show line-up is not as interesting. Except for that one with the vampires (Moonlight).
- Kid Nation sounds a lot like the movie Lord of The Flies.
- Alright! HIMYM is renewed. It is The Class that gets a no-go. Jericho is also canceled.
- Still looks like NBC leads in terms of quality for me.