21 May 2007

Season Finale - Ugly Betty

Alright...I don't think I have given Ugly Betty enough credit from the beginning. I have regarded it as cutesy then and I still do up to this point. I like it fine, sure I do. But not with the same intensity as the rest of the shows I tune to. And the reason could be because I could say I never really got to "know" the characters, enough to connect, relate or empathize with them. One real joy I get from watching TV shows is when I am able to emotionally connect, to cry when they cry, to laugh when they laugh. I still don't get that with Betty.

Till now.

The finale surprised me. They sure brought in the drama. It was very unexpectedly warm in one aspect but mostly tragic in all the rest.

If you'd like to know what happened - recaps may be read here. (Spoilers!)

The thing with Ugly Betty is that, Betty, the lead character who is usually the heart of the show, is perhaps the character least favored. Although I applaud America Ferrera (she's really giving the role some justice, deserving of that award she received recently) I just find her character too preachy and righteous and also, lacking in sense of humor. You know how you have that officemate who is very manang, no one at work really enjoys her company? That's how I feel about her.

The rest of the characters, those that actually play antagonists, are a lot more likeable and interesting.

For instance - Amanda.

In the real world, she would have lots of people hating her, me included. She's a worldly person who thinks that the most important things in life are fashionable clothes, keeping herself beautiful and men. You know that she can be a gold-digger. But you'll love her character for all of that.

It's the same thing with Marc, who is Amanda's partner in crime. Typically, you would never imagine people like them to hold hearts of gold, because they bully other people... and yet they manage to be very endearing. Very cute, really.

I would have to assume Amanda gets more bitchy next season, especially after discovering who her real mother is, she will definitely feel empowered, perhaps even attempt or demand something from someone.

And then there's Wilhemina. The Devil herself. I have grown to love her character the most. And why would I not? She's divine. Beautiful and evil.

How they played out her character in the finale for me became the highlight of this season. Discovering that Wilhelmina, despite the devil that she is, can actually care about someone other than herself, with no strings attached...gave this show some more depth. Wilhelmina is the heart of this show, not Betty. And how cute was this (see photo)! We see Wilhemina and Marc in a rare moment, both going out of character as Marc gives her a hug, as if she was his own mom. And she was loving every moment of it.

And then there was this unexpected ending.

You know I wasn't expecting to be moved at all. But maybe it was the way it was edited or it could be the song "Somewhere" playing as the background music (There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us...), but Ugly Betty finally manage to make me cry, as the characters cried.

Even now, as I'm blogging this entry, I'm getting goosebumps just remembering the scene.

When I love something I watch, I normally honor it with a standing ovation (and I'd look rather silly applauding by myself, in my bedroom...and yes I do this at movie houses too hehe).

After watching the finale the other night, it's just what I did.

Well done.

Ugly Betty
Season 1 Episode 23 - East Side Story
Original Airing: May 17, 2007
Network: ABC