15 May 2007

NBC Upfront 2007-2008

What happens in an "Upfront"?
- It's a gathering between TV exces and Advertising execs.
- It's when TV Networks parade upcoming shows, in this case - Fall 2007-2008, to advertisers.
- It's when TV shows (old and new) are announced.

NBC started the ball rolling yesterday.

Take note of the shows marked NEW! They will be what we will be watching and talking about in the following months.

View schedule here.

- Heroes keep their Monday slot and will serve as a lead-in for the new show Journeyman. Based on the synopsis, Journeyman, sounds a lot like Early Edition or Sliders.
- Yep. Studio60 is dead.
- Lipstick Jungle will, I think, become the Desperate Housewife of the working woman.
- Friday Night Lights will be seen on Fridays now (as opposed to Wed the last time, is it?).
- The Singing Bee looks like our very own K! The 1Million Pesos Videoke Challenge. Seriously.
- The Thursday block is still solid.