29 May 2007

Season Finale - Heroes

Alright, this entry is actually way behind. Heroes' finale was last Sunday and I only got to watch it last night. Pretty much everything you need to know about Heroes Season 1 is everywhere on the internet now. But since you're here, you're probably finding something new to read, eh? :)

Molly does a Haley Joel:

Except she does not say she "sees dead people". Molly has the ability to "trace" people with powers, just by thinking of them. In this shot, which reminds me way too much of The Sixt Sense, she talks of another person with incredible powers who sees her when she sees him. In regular people terms, what that means is --- these two are, in fact, a pair of Peeping Toms.

Or Molly could be talking about Him!!!!

Wouldn't it be great? Sauron as a TV villain. Hehe. And then by Season 2, since Charlie on Lost is Dead.... <---- Oooops, spoiler! They could hire him as the Super Hero from Middle Earth.

Anyway, back to Heroes....
It's uncanny that they named this black old guy Charles:

It was obviously inspired from Professor Charles Xavier: wheelchair bound, leader of the Xmen. Which probably tells you what the role of black old guy in this whole scheme is going to be.

Some people have said they felt the finale lacked the expected power punches and ass kicking scenes; that action was limited. I say, that wasn't what the finale's supposed to be. It wasn't about full-packed action. It's still Season 1, the Heroes have yet to understand what they can do. And what they know about their powers is only probably 10% of it.

This Season Finale is all about the heroes coming together in one setting, realizing that there are many of them out there and seeing each others' abilities (more or less, since many of them just sat there and watched).

The kick-ass action --- we'll hopefully get that next season.

Season 1 Episode 23 - How To Stop An Exploding Man
Original Airing: May 21, 2007
Network: NBC