21 May 2007

Season Finale - The Office

It saw a different Office the other day. Far cry from last year's season ender. But still funny in many ways.


Dwight's choice for Assistant Regional Manager
"Once I become Regional Manager, my first order of business is to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new #2. My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable. Also, fictional. And overqualified."

This exchange:

Dwight: Jim, Jim, Jim. Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.
Jim: Oh, hey, Dwight.
Dwight: I’m going to be your new boss. It’s my greatest dream come true. Welcome to the Hotel Hell. Check-in time is now. Check-out time is never.
Jim: Does my room have cable?
Dwight: No. And the sheets are made of fire!
Jim: Can I change rooms?
Dwight: Sorry, we’re all booked up. Hell convention in town.
Jim: Can I have a late check-out?
Dwight: I’ll have to talk to the manager.
Jim: You’re not the manager? Even in your own fantasy?
Dwight: I’m the owner. The co-owner. With Satan.
Jim: Okay, just so I understand it. In your wildest fantasy, you are in hell. And you are co-running a bed and breakfast with the devil.
Dwight: Yeah, but I haven’t told you my salary yet.
Jim: Go.
Dwight: $80,000 a year.

Jim and Pam...alright, finally, they're getting together. It took them one year to move on from this to really, actually dating now that they are both single and free.

Quite confused at Jan, who suprisingly suffers a personality break down. What was that about? She was once a smart and sassy boss who always dealt with work professionally. But what happened to her? She got a boob job but lost a brain.

The Office
Season 2 Episode 24-25 - The Job
Original Airing: May 17, 2007
Network: NBC