06 May 2007

Kyle XY

Currently watching this, Kyle XY.

It first aired sometime June-July 2006 and I'm not sure what to expect and what other show is like it.

Kyle XY opens with a mystery. Here is a boy who wakes up naked in the middle of the forest, not aware of where he is. He does not have any background, no family to go home to, no one has reported him missing. He does not talk (yet....he eventually does and learned rather fast). He can read computers or has a mind like it.

Also, he has no belly button like you and I.

What is he? An Alien? An experiment? Singaw? What does XY mean? Is he both man and woman? Did he gave birth to himself?

I'll soon find out. I'm still down to 3 episodes as I write this.

Season 1
Original Airing: June to August 2006
Network: ABC Family