23 May 2007

Cashmere Mafia TV Preview

I have earlier said this show is a rehash of Sex and the City [in the Workplace] and I don't think they mind that. More details on Wikipedia.

I see familiar people I love:
- Miranda Otto, the brunette. She's my Lord of the Rings heroine, Eowyn.
- Bonnie Summerville, the blonde. She's Mona from Friends.

Cashmere Mafia will air this fall.

Test-audience comment from Pilot Buzz:
- "You can totally tell they are going for a Sex and the City vibe. Lucy Liu comes off as cold, but overall the show is funny and should appeal to ABC viewers."
- "Sometimes the show was very funny and sometimes it was very serious. Whether it ends up being a comedy or a drama, I hope it goes all the way. The pilot felt restrained."