25 November 2006

RIP: Alfredo


From my sidebar ticker:

Philippe Noiret: The 76-year-old French actor is no longer with us. Noiret passed away on Thursday. American movie fans should remember him from his starring roles in the international hits Cinema Paradiso (1988) and Il Postino (1994). Both movies did solid business in the States at art cinemas and megaplexes that feature award-winning films from all over the world. He won two Cesar Awards (France's version of the Oscars) in the Best Actor category for his superb work in the 1976 film Le Vieux Fusil and the 1990 hit La Vie Et Rien D'Autre. In 1970, the National Board of Review honored Noiret with the Best Supporting Actor Award for his co-starring work in director Alfred Hitchcock's crime thriller Topaz. The actor is survived by his wife, Monique, and a daughter, Frederique. No funeral or memorial information has been released to the press yet.

Rest in peace, Alfredo.

I think I'll pop one of his movies in my DVD tonight ;)