05 November 2006

Grey's Anatomy 3-6 Let The Angels Commit

Best episode for Season 3 (so far) for four things:

1. The scene where George and McSlutty (Meredith) pretended to be Christina & Izzie:

George [to Mer]: Okay I'll be Christina for you, if you'll be Izzie for me.
Meredith: Deal. [George puts the elevator on stop].... Derek had a woman in his trailer last night. She was ugly. Very ugly. Except she was tall and beautiful. And he was naked.
George: [shocked] Oh...ah.....[channels Christina] McDreamy was doing the McNasty with a McHottie? That McBastard! ..... How was that? Was that Christina enough?
Meredith: Oh, that was good.
George: Really
Meredith: Yeah.
George: Excellent.
Meredith: Channeling Izzie, go!
George: Okay...Callie...she won't forgive me. Uhm, she won't talk to me. She dumped me, which is uhh, I don't care about. At all.....
Meredith: [Doing Izzie] Good. Because you deserve better. You do. You are George! I mean, seriously. Seriously. Seriously!..... Was that Izzie-optimistic?
George: Yeah, very Izzie.

2. The Nazi is back! True to form!

Dr. Bailey to Izzie: Okay, let's start with what you don't get to do...You will not interact with any patient, you will not be alone with any patient, you will be seen and not heard, you will perform no procedures, the OR is off limits, no pre-op, no post-op, no...anything having to do with an OP. You have no authority, you have no opinions and you have no choice in this matter. Am I understood?
Izzie: Is there anything I can do? I wanna be useful
Dr. Bailey: Well, I can't use you. You have got to earn back the right for any of us to trust you again. Until then you will be shadowing a different doctor each day.

3. The Ham and Eggs Analogy, which George used on Callie:

A patient's husband tells George of the Ham and Eggs analogy.

Simply put...with a typical breakfast for example, you get your ham and eggs. The chicken for where the eggs came from, is simply just "involved" in the process (of providing you breakfast). All it had to do was lay the eggs, so you get the eggs. The pig, however, is a different case. It is totally committed. For you to get that breakfast, a pig has to give up a part of himself so that you get your hams. Now, translate that into relationships --- which are you? The Chicken or the Pig? Do you provide the eggs or the ham? Are you involved-involved or committed-involved?

So George uses this analogy on Callie, and it came out the wrong way:

George: You and me. We're like ham and eggs. I was the chicken...I just want you to know that I know I was the chicken and you put yourself out there and you were committed, and I just put the eggs on the plate, not the ham because you were the pig. [at this point Callie looks at him in a different way] I was involved but now...I'm committed:
Callie: Did you just call me a pig?
George: No, it's a metaphor
Callie: Calling me a pig?
George: The point is, you're not the pig anymore. What I'm trying to say is I'm the pig, now I am the pig.
[Callie walks away....]

4. Guest star Liza Lapira...who, from the looks of her, seems Pinay: