16 November 2006

Mid-Season Checklist

It's TV's mid-season, do you know where your favorite new TV shows currently stand (with viewership/ratings)? This might be good time to:

  • check out upcoming shows
  • catch up on the ones that got cancelled
  • drop the ones that aren't worthy
  • scout for a new favorite
Here's my own checklist.

TV shows for 2006-2007

20 GOOD YEARS (NBC) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled
3 LBS. (CBS) --- Just premiered, will wait and see
30 ROCK (NBC) --- Cute
ANDY BARKER, P.I. (NBC) --- Meh. Accountant becomes a PI. Numb3rs-inspired
BIG DAY (ABC) --- Starts in end of Nov. Looks promising, possible 24 clone, except that it's a comedy!
DAY BREAK (ABC) --- Just premiered, will wait and see
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC) --- Must watch sometime
HAPPY HOUR (FOX) --- Cancelled, I care not
HELP ME HELP YOU (ABC) --- Couldn't care, but apparently someone's still watching it as it is still on air
HEROES (NBC) --- Breakthrough show of the season, must watch sometime
HIDDEN PALMS (The CW) --- Dawson's Creekish-Desperate Housewiveish but the network doesn't seem to want to put it on air
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea how it is, stars that guy on Ally (Richard)
JERICHO (CBS) --- On hiatus (reruns for now), to be back Feb 2007
JUSTICE (FOX) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled, bummer; off to DL then
KIDNAPPED (NBC) --- Cancelled - got to see the recent/last episode on TVU, got bored
MEN IN TREES (ABC) --- Currently contemplating on watching this
NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
RAINES (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Medium clone
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (CBS) --- Starts in 2007 - but I tell you now, this show looks stupid
RUNAWAY (The CW) --- Cancelled, a pity!
SHARK (CBS) --- So-so. Full Season order. This is Atty. House but not quite crabby as the doctor
SIX DEGREES (ABC) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled or reformatted
SMITH (CBS) --- Cancelled, darn
STANDOFF (FOX) --- Hmmm Ron Livingston…yum; worth checking out sometime
THE BLACK DONNELLYS (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Sopranos clone
THE CLASS (CBS) --- Quite confusing, I'm on the fence on this one
THE GAME (The CW) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
THE NINE (ABC) --- Possibly for cancellation bwahaha. I did not like this one
THE SINGLES TABLE (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
THE WEDDING ALBUM (FOX) --- Starts in 2007 - sounds like the plot's cheesy
THE WINNER (FOX) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Wonder Years clone, except the guy's 30 years old here
'TIL DEATH (FOX) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled and no one cares
TRAVELER (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible love; possible 24/Prison Break clone
UGLY BETTY (ABC) --- Love!
VANISHED (FOX) --- Cancelled, I care not
WATERFRONT (CBS) --- Cancelled even before anyone's ever heard of it!

And then.... while I'm deciding on what I could possibly add to my watchlist (which will further bring me down to that state where my IQ's below below-zero.... News flash: too much TV is bad!), my husband has acquired copies of Dragonball-Z (yes that cartoon!) and has engaged my son and myself to watching it with him.

Which brings me to this story of my dad telling me I've been slacking very badly . My dad, the other week, blurted out of the blue, "Kung kelan ka tumanda, dun ka naging tamad at burara". Yikes! Akala ko hindi niya napapansin hehe. Opo, dati po akong masinop, masipag at maaasahan. Hindi na ngayon, LOL!

Life's too short to stress over things. I've changed my profile description on blogger (see About Me, or that text beside my TV-avatar). I don't wanna over-achieve now. I've been doing that all my life before. I have stopped aspiring for things or working hard for it. I just want to take it easy. Less headache, less problems, less things to stress over.

I don't know where I am at and if this is even a good choice a 30something has to make. I just know I don't want the pressure anymore. So, I just want to sit down and watch the world go by, while I watch TV (hehehe).

Does this sound like mid-life crisis to you?