27 November 2006

Smallville S5 The 100th Episode - Reckoning

I finally saw it... the episode where Jonathan Kent dies.

Maybe because I've been reading spoilers here and there, I was expecting his death would be a lot more dramatic and was rather disappointed that it wasn't. Huh. Dad's gone. :( As much as I hate his character's seeming self-righteous demeanor sometimes, it was this character who provided a clear (moral) backbone in the story... and also served as an anchor for the super boy. I've got to stop reading spoilers so I don't pre-empt how Clark is able to cope without his Dad (so that it doesn't take the drama away).

Anyway, I've been watching Smallville with my son for the last month or so and I could not help but smile when I see my boy totally absorbing the story. Other than Friends and maybe on occasion, Frasier, Smallville is the one other story he was able to follow (more or less accurately).

My boy talks about the show a lot more than I do. He'd be the first one who would always cheer or gasp when something good or bad goes on in the episodes. He was the one more excited (and was jumping in his seat!) about the prospect of Lana finding out Clark's secret (which we saw last night). Although, I have to admit I was a bit bothered with some episodes while watching this with him and I kept thinking I was being a bad parent... since Clark was also a growing boy with raging male hormones, it was inevitable that sex and kissing happens in the show. These are the times I'm very thankful for the fast forward button (hehe!). Or the fact that I've been telling my boy, "Let's skip this part and find the ones where Clark uses his powers!" For now, that keeps him enthusiastic.

I'm following a TV show called Undeclared, a comedy about life in College. Guess who I found? Young Tom Welling:

It's obviously one of his first acting jobs. He only appeared in this scene for maybe about 10 to 15 seconds and had one line to say.

I previously said Tom Welling couldn't do justice acting as Clark Kent, the boy just couldn't act. But somewhere between Season 3 and 5 of Smallville, Tom Welling must have been taking acting classes because there was a considerable improvement to how he is able to display his emotions. It wasn't acting award worthy yet (he's miles from that road, a thousand miles away), but it was a big improvement from how he performed in Season 1 and 2.

And... it kind of suprised me that he directed an episode.

So okay, yey for Welling! :)