10 November 2006

My Top 5 TV McDreamy's

It's been awhile since I've made a list. I'm a sucker for lists, as I am a Virgo, therefore I want things done in order. I am also a loser, therefore I make lists (that no one might really care about!)

Today my list involves Top 5 Men of TV (My Top 5 TV McDreamy's). And since there are so many of them, let me just include those who are currently appearing on TV shows I watch, in the current season run for 2006, therefore --- bumped Jason Bateman; Keifer Sutherland still not eligable.

This was actually born out of and inspired by my viewing clips of one of my top five men at Youtube yesterday.

At #5
McCutey --- Zach Braff
as Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs
Before anything else, November 30th is the season premiere of Scrubs Season 6.

Why do I love this guy? Because I adore guys with great sense of humor (as you will notice as you read along) and this is one guy with heaps of it --- read his blog. I also like the fact that Zach is an accomplished actor, filmmaker and writer. It's no surprise why he's adored not just by myself but by a number of ladies (again, read his blog!)... the man packs talent. He's also kinda cute.... like a dog. And I looove dogs. That's why he's my original McDreamy, have been one since Scrubs Season 1! As Dr. John Dorian (JD) on Scrubs, he is nerdy and child-like, pleasant yet paranoid....he's the type of guy mothers love, older brothers love to bully, and girlfriends love to cuddle with. Added bonus: Zach Braff has great taste in music.

At #4
McLoony --- Conan O' Brien
Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Here's another person whose sense of humor I so adore. Often times he makes fun of himself, with his self-deprecating comedy (which doesn't always work for some people, and perfectly works on someone like him). He's one smart fellow, too --- inspite the fact that he sometimes jumps around and acts like a monkey on his tv show; or does that silly dance of his. Being a Harvard graduate, Magna Cum Laude at that, does look impressive on someone's list of accomplishments. Also throw in his music abilities, Conan plays the guitar expertly and despite singing goofy songs on his show, the man can actually sing! That red mesh of hair on his head ain't too bad either. Added bonus: Conan O' Brien is a dedicated husband and father of 2 cute kids.

At #3
McWily --- Michael Rosenbaum
as Lex Luthor on Smallville

I have just recently discovered this guy, Michael Rosenbaum. There is something about the way he speaks... the words roll smoothly on his tongue that even if he just says a very simple word like "Smallville", it sounds erotic (Hey, I'm in my 30's, an age which psychologists and doctors say is when women "peak"! LOL!). His portrayal of Lex Luthor becoming that cunning villain he is destined to be, is effective and convincing. As Lex, he is smooth and sleek and cool and has that hint of being an evil genius. Who can resist that? Added bonus: Michael Rosenbaum will start directing episodes of Smallville in 2007. Color me impressed!

At #2
McWitty --- Matthew Perry
as Matt Albie in Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip

Ever since Chandler Bing, I've always had my eye on Matthey Perry. Chandler Bing was my favorite Friend. And now, portraying a lead comedy writer on Studio 60, we see a semblance of Chandler in Matt Albie... that is, Chandler --- minus the jumble and tumble. I did have doubts Matthew was gonna be able to pull off a drama like Studio 60. After all, I've known him all ten years as "the funny one", I thought it would be hard for me to separate that image. But as I am floored and in love with his new show, I would have to say Matthew, in my eyes, has reinvented himself as an actor with depth and profoundness. Only someone with incredible talent can succeed in doing that. No wonder he's earned Emmy Nominations for guest acting in a drama series for West Wing (a pity, since I have not seen it yet!). Added bonus: two words only --- Chandler Bing.

Finally on number one....the very reason why this list exists, the man I've been stalking on YouTube...

At #1
McCrabby --- Hugh Laurie
as Dr. Gregory House on House, M.D.

What can I say? I love my men crabby. I'm married to one and my own kind, my 9-year old boy, sometimes displays crabby behavior. So, it's no wonder why I'm drawn to Dr. House. In my book, crabbiness is an adorable trait. It does help that he's crabby and has a biting humor, traits I cannot resist. The actor, Hugh Laurie, will probably never fall under the category of handsome or gorgeous... for obvious reasons. Hugh Laurie is neither handsome nor gorgeous. Nonetheless, he is still very appealing, and the mystery of why he is such, is part of his appeal. What is in Hugh Laurie that makes women swoon? Emma Thompson calls him lugubriously sexy, two words that don't seem to fit well together, but yes, the perfect words I would also use describe him. Added bonus: Hugh Laurie sings, plays the piano, writes, rows and has nice pair of biceps.

The runners up who did not quite make the cut:

McGoody - John Krisinski
as Jim Halpert in The Office USA

McPretty - Wentworth Miller
As Michael Scolfield in Prison Break