29 November 2006

Memories, I can smile at the old days, it was beautiful then....

Darn it.

Could not resist.

Was supposed to watch this one after I'm done with a couple of other shows but I could not resist taking a peek first, then finally giving in after. I've started watching Beverly Hills 90210. And you might say I'm going crazy (or you might not, you don't know me hehe), and I just have to pause the program to tell the world that right now --- my eyes are misty.

I heard the theme song 3 minutes into the first episode and I lost it.

Brought back tons of emotion... of my youth....all things pleasant and not so pleasant.

But most of all, I think I'm feeling nostalgic because this was the TV show my best friend and I would religiously tune to; our eyes glued to the TV, watching Brenda and Dylan, but our ears glued to the telephone (rotary pa yung telephone namin hindi push button ha and that was 1990 na!) because we were talking about the show.

And it just made me miss it... that moment, my best friend (now estranged but we're finding our way back together, one step at a time).

Let me retreat into my corner and cry some more. :(

Darn it.