18 November 2006

How can they not love this one?

The good news is Studio 60 has been picked up for a full season. The bad news is... there is no bad news (Yey!). How can anyone not love this show? It's a good show. It's a great show! It's a show that's so clever, it made a striking reference to the show opposite it (the one that's killing them in the ratings) ---

Matt Albie: It's one thing to be asked to respect someone else's religion, it's another to be asked to respect their taboos. In my religion it's disrespectful to God not to keep your head covered, you don't see me insisting that the cast of CSI Miami wear yamikas.
Danny: That would be an unusual creative direction for CSI Miami
Matt: Half the shows in primetime start with two strippers getting strangled after a lap dance, and that's fine with me but if it's also fine with Jesus, then I don't see the need to tiptoe around his name.

Okay, how is that not good? Those lines kill me. I've said it once and I'll say it again --- I'm in love with this show. *sigh*

And it's quite odd because there's too much going with everyone, the characters talk a lot (so viewers will have that tendency to tune out... okay, I think I just answered my own question)... on days when I have too much to also think and do, I should be able to tune this out as well. But, somehow I don't.

And it's also quite odd that the show circles around the issues of war, politics, rights, religion, racism, etc.... you know, the heavy stuff; things I don't wanna make a clear stand on, particularly when I'm watching a TV show. And yet here I am, completely embracing the show.

The last two episodes, Nevada Part 1 & 2, is again another testament to how great the show is. What is it about? I'll quote Matt for that again:

Matt Albie: Well, it all started like this: Harriet was born and became a homophobe. [Harriet is a faithful Christian Hollywood Superstar (yes, ironic), who was interviewed and asked what she thought of gay marriages and was quoted out of context] So Tom had to fend off some gay street toughs, one of whom is pressing charges. [Tom is another actor, Harriet's co-star, who came to her rescue when she was attacked by a gay "fan". Tom accidentally pushed the "fan" to the ground, fan sued Tom and got Tom arrested.] From there, they found an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for a speeding ticket in a place called Pahrump, Nevada. Tom had borrowed Simon's jacket. And the rest you know...[the jacket had Simon's weed!] I have every hope they'll get back for dress...but if they're not..... Alex?
Alex: I'm sorry, man... Pahrump?
Mattie: I know it's a funny name, let's get past it.
Alex: Done [trying not to laugh]
Mattie: So, I'm gonna rewrite Tom's sketches for Ginny.... what are you laughing at?
Ginny: [laughing] It's still Pahrump. Is Tom in jail in a Marx's Brothers' movie?
Mattie: That's good. That's funny. Keep that sense of humor Ginny, you're gonna need it waiting tables at the Hooters in Santa Monica.

How can you not love the wit in that? How can you not love this:

Gaaah...I just love this show!