16 November 2006

Here's Dr. McBrainy

I can't say I liked 3lbs ' Season premiere. It reminded me too much of House, for many reasons. I even made a checklist while I was watching it:

  • Arrogant doctor, check!
  • Suffering from a health crisis (he's got a brain abnormality something, makes him hallucinate), check!
  • Odd hospital interiors, where the building doesn't really look like a hospital, check!
  • A surgical "fellow" (e.g. a student), check!
  • The opening sequence, where a person (soon to be the patient) experiences something in his/her body and there's that CSI-ish video sequence, check!
  • The music, check!!!! (It's unmistakably House-ish, down to the beat of the percussion!)
  • This line uttered by the new doctor-student to Hanson: "Do you even know her name?" (referring to the patient), check! (Sounds like something Cameron would say to House!)

  • I could go on and on about the comparison. They even have someone who's British in the cast! (House's Hugh Laurie is British!)

    The similarities are so obvious and intended, plus this is the second time in three months that CBS has baited us to make these House comparisons, following the fall offering Shark. While that James Woods semi-hit at least could be pitched as "House with Lawyers," 3 Lbs. is the much less intriguing "House with Doctors" --- Zapzit

    Although.... CBS claims that unlike House, 3lbs will only involve cases relating to brain diseases. So that it isn't entirely "similar". Heh. Anyway, there's no use getting frustrated over how much of a copycat it is. TV shows copy other TV shows all the time. But I don't think I'll be sticking around for this...you know, one cranky doctor (one cranky doctor whom I really love, that is) per week is enough for me.

    [Episode synopsis for 3lbs Season 1 Episode 1 >>> Lost For Words]