04 November 2006


I lost the desire to feel this week. It feels like energy has stopped flowing in me. I don't feel giddy nor jumpy nor excited. But I also don't feel bored nor depressed.

I feel time moving around me, I still see people going about their business. I did my own business too. But if I try to recall what I had for lunch yesterday, I'd have to take a looooooong pause and remember.

The world around me goes on. Yet in my own world I feel........it's flatlining. Comatose.

Something has to make me really happy so that I can laugh out loud again. Something has to make me cry really hard so I can feel again. No amount of TV shows can do that right now, especially if the real world can't.

I don't know what triggered this. Maybe it's just a phase.

Maybe something big will happen next week. And this is just my mind's way of calming before the storm.

Or maybe I need to take drugs. LOL!