24 November 2006

Brothers & Sisters - S1 EP9: Mistakes We've Made Part 2

Three of the stars of this show are up for possible nomination for Golden Globes (awarding is Jan 2007): Sally Field, Calista Flockhart & Rachel Griffith (yup, the one from Six Feet Under). I hope one of them, if not all, get the recognition they deserve.

Here's another line I have to rave about. As a backgrounder, please look this up first.

Here, Kitty breaks down because she is accused of bribing a senator to pull the strings so that her youngest brother does not have to serve the military fighting the war in Baghdad. In exchange, Kitty will have to forego discussing/interviewing the senator about his messy divorce. Her bosses caught wind of it and it might threaten her career as a TV (Current Events/News) personality.

Kitty: Alright, when Justine went away, I went away. I went back to New York and I missed all the holidays without him. I missed all the meals without him. I missed all the fights that my mother and father must have had when they were worried sick. And that was when we were winning the war.... That was when we knew what we were fighting for. But now, it's more dangerous than ever over there and he is going back and I'm here. And my mother.... my mother who is so strong, she is so heartbroken. So yes, yes.. of course, I asked McAllister to help me and he said no so I thought if I did him a favor and didn't ask him about the divorce then maybe he could help me. I thought maybe he would change his mind. And you know what, I don't care if it was wrong. I did it for my brother, I did it for my family. And you know what, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I think some viewers may feel it's a fairly preachy TV show. It's a family affair but there's an underlying political theme to it. Other than that, Brothers and Sisters is able to touch the most sensitive bones within our bodies, you can't help but get affected while watching the drama unfold. What the family goes through is so familiar to most anyone... it's so real and so painful. That's where the show's appeal lies.

Finally, here's the letter of their father (now deceased) to their mother, which they discovered after his death and after finding out:
- that dad embezzled the family corporation's funds
- that dad had a mistress
- that dad had a daughter with that mistress
- that dad had a 30M property he didn't tell to his family about

My dearest Nora,

There's a part of me that hopes you never read this because if you are, it means that you've discovered some of the mistakes I've made in my life. And while I tried to set those mistakes right, I know I'll never be able to completely repair your trust. It tortures me to think that I've ever caused you pain, but I know I have.

I only hope that you can find it in your heart...a heart which is far better purer than mine, to forgive my sins. Because despite my mistakes and errors in judgement, I have always loved you. I have always treasured your love and the love of our children, each one of them is a little piece of you, each one so lucky they have gotten your quaint heart. And no matter what mistakes they've made or no matter the extent those mistakes have caused, I know I've done at least one right thing in this life and that was to fall in love and make a family with you.

And Nora says "Thank you" to no one in particular....

What a wonderful thanksgiving episode this one is!

If this show gets at least one recognition during the awards season, I will have to do a standing ovation right in front of my TV set when I see them pick up their trophy on stage.