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04 June 2010

Mike & Molly: Another Show About Fat People

I'm not being rude. This is really another show about fat people and I don't mean to be condescending when I say that. In fact, I'm pleased about the diversity. We've got a few of them on TV now: Biggest Loser, Drop Dead Diva and now, this --- Mike & Molly.

Early reviews say there is going to be a lot of fat jokes on Mike & Molly, which might turn some viewers off. Except that they found some of the sweetest people to lead the series, which could endear them to the viewers.

Here, take a look:

What do you think? If you ask me...I think this show could use a "Hurley". Right?

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  1. Sounds exciting! Yeah, they could use a Hurley! :D

    Sana may characters ding skinny pero chubby chasers pala.

  2. Baka! Ang cute pa naman nung lead character na girl. This one's written by the ones who did Will & Grace. =)