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25 June 2010

Gave Up on Rookie Blue After 18 Minutes

Rookie Blue
Wow. I just watched the crappiest show earlier and it did not help that I was in a pissy mode for most of this night. I am never going to get those precious 18 minutes back! That was all the time it took me to sit down and watch, till I couldn't stand it anymore. (And I could've used that 18 minutes to do something with my nails or whatever!)

The show? Rookie Blue.

The pitch? It's like Grey's Anatomy. With guns and cop uniforms.

Right then and there, I should've just left it alone and didn't bother checking it out...since I've vomited Grey's Anatomy out of my system by Season 4. Rookie Blue is so bad, in my opinion, that I don't think I'd want to have it on even just for background noise.

The series is filled with unfamiliar actors. Well, alright.... maybe except for the lead girl, Andy McNally, who was in Reaper but I had not recognized her; and that guy from Everwood (whatever happened to him?). Having a pool of unfamiliar actors isn't so bad, in fairness. Lots of actors start by being unknown, before the world of TV discovers they can shine.

But that is not the case here.

Featuring about five or six rookie cops fresh out of cop school, they hit the streets for the first time, in their crisp cop uniform, eager and raring for some cop action. But none of them had me convinced they were figures of authority.  Or terrific actors, for that matter. It's like watching cardboard figures "act", I could not get past that and see the program for its other merits (if it did have at least one).

Here's a clip. Watch it, don't watch it....it doesn't really matter.

I know this is for SummerTV and that programs during this season don't normally need to be of high caliber. But c'mon! This is one hour garbage that will probably convince me to watch Big Brother again (even if I already gave that other garbage up!)

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  1. Thanks for the warning. Scratching it off my list...a Grey's-like police drama..omg, I dont even watch Grey's! haha

    I watched the first episode of Accidentally on Purpose..another crap show. You'd know right away that the show will tank..unfunny, not enough situations to explore, boring characters (that girl from Ugly Betty, ugh) , poorly acted (except for Jenna)...and now I heard it's done, finito.

    So..what looks good for this summer? How about JJ Abram's new show? Btw..Im watching Lost again ..with David this time. Did you notice, the first and last scene of the show r almost the same..it starts and ends with Jack and Vincent =) Waaahhh..I miss Lost.

  2. Oh, on Youtube, there's a video of Lost pitting the opening scene and the closing scene together. Beautiful!

    I watched AOP for about 4 episode, tiniis ko pa. But it's crap rin nga.

    Look for Hot in Cleveland, Lyn. Two episodes out na. It's "cougar town" rin. Hehehe. Tiisin mo lang yung first episode, coz the second one is better.

    Also, look for The Good Guys. It's fun.

    Oh, Pretty Little Liars rin!!!!!!!! High School stuff but it's okay.

    JJ Abrams' show sa Fall pa.

  3. Pot...thanks for the recommendations.
    Hey, what happened to Flash forward? im watching it right now and im at the 6th epi( i know...Im so huli..Im relying in dvds kasi eh, no patience for weekly dowloads) and why, why, why was it cancelled? It's a great show, great premise, likeable characters...pero the lead, Fiennes, sucks. Hindi ba nagrate 'to? Sayang!!!

  4. Yup, hindi siya nagre-rate. They also did not end that right, bitin. Parang no more effort to tie things up since there was no support from their network or something.

    Ayoko rin si Fiennes!!!! Sucky sya dyan no?

  5. Its bad, but its not THAT bad.