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09 June 2010

First Impressions: Pretty Little Liars Pilot Episode

Dear Susan, Lynette, Bree & Gabriel,
(aka the Desperate Housewives)

These four young girls are taking over. Watch out!



I have a full day today so I will make this really simple and run down these quick first impressions on the premiere of Pretty Little Liars: 

- Very intriguing with a lot of juicy angles.
- Nicely done and also cohesive. Despite taking the license to change some things from the book series where it was originally based.
- I love, love Lucy Hale! She will carry this show.
- The girl playing Allison (flashback scenes) is someone you will love to hate. She plays it well.
- Adolescent fantasy. I don't exactly recommend "adolescents" actually watch without Parental Guidance. But I get the feeling young girls everywhere will soon be talking about this and forget about Gossip Girl.

Now, go watch! Watch!

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