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14 April 2008

My boyfriend attacks my other boyfriend!

Ah, my beautiful, talented men on TV; my TV boyfriends...they're not being nice to each other! Or at least one of 'em isn't.

I don't know if there's any truth to this news or it's a publicity stint but I'm just glad they aren't fighting over me. Coz I wouldn't wanna have to choose between the two. I won't be able to handle this kind of pressure... (I'm allowed to dream, am I not?)

Damian Lewis has launched a scathing attack on fellow British actor Hugh Laurie - insisting he's not the only Brit to find success in the U.S.

Lewis - who starred in 2001 war series Band of Brothers - is amazed by the amount of publicity the House star has garnered since the medical show began in 2004, because he believes Laurie isn't alone in carving out a career in Hollywood.

He says, "English actors have been successful on U.S. TV for years. Hugh is not the first to be successful in LA and he will certainly not be the last."

Damien LewisHugh Laurie

Aww. Play nice, luv.


  1. Damian Lewis and Hugh Laurie are close friends. Damian called Hugh for advice when he was offered the role of Charlie Crews on Life. Damian and his wife Helen McCrory purchased Hugh's London home. This is just a case of the tabloid press taking a comment out of context and trying to blow it up into something else - don't be taken in.

  2. Ah, that is good to know! Thanks! :)