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28 April 2008

Brothers and Sisters S2 E14 Double Negative

I'm gonna put it right out there with the spoiler: Becca is not a Walker!


And she lies to Justin about the results. There's a hint of disappointment in Justin. It looks like he's beginning to fall in love with her and was wishing she wasn't her sister.



  1. Hey, Mindy! :) I feel the same way. They are on their way to the Becca-Justin love affair. Geez! Becca not being a Walker is a bummer!

    Her mom was telling her the truth all this time. Her mom's "supposed lie" was actually the truth.

  2. It's disappointing. Like they're milking the show for doing this, when I don't think it's necessary.

    And yet, the two have undeniable chemistry naman talaga. They look good together.