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11 May 2007

I interrupt the program for some birthday greetings

Hubby is officially 35 today. A 35 year old baby.

A 35 year old baby who:
....Is ten times more kulit than my 9 year old boy.
.... I sometimes still have to give baths. Not because it's romantic, but because he's natatamad. Or in his past life, he lived like an Emperor.
.... I prettify like a doll. Not because I miss having a daughter, but because he wants people to say he's pogi. (Vain ba no?)

Hair & Make-up by Me
(yes, you read it right, he has make-up on...blush lang naman para rosy cheeks daw)

Happy birthday, Dad.
You sure get grumpier as you grow older!


  1. awwwwwww that's sweet!
    ..and the photo credit goes to?

  2. Thanks, gals! :)

    I forgot who took the photo, but I think it's one of his buddies.