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07 February 2007

Heroes - Distractions

This week on Heroes...

* Claude helps Peter deal with his distractions.
* Claire meets her birth mother.
* Hiro faces his father and sister.
* Sylar encounters Mrs. Bennet while continuing his quest for Claire's power.
* Simone and Isaac speculate about their future.
* Niki's attempt to control Jessica takes some surprising turns.
--- Heroeswiki

It is interesting to note that Claire's Dad's driver's license does not have a first name. He is plainly registered as Bennet. Like those people only known by one name --- Cher. Prince. Barney. :)

So we now know Claire's family history. Both parents have superpowers. Dad is Nathan (who can fly) and mom is Meredith (who is a firestarter). I was expecting someone in Hiro's family would also exhibit superpowers, since it would appear, the powers are inherited and is DNA-based. But that scene with the Nakamura's was dragging. On hindsight, maybe daddy will exhibit his power later on. Because, as one of his body guards said, Hiro's dad is one:

Wonder what that could be?


Over-all, this week's episode was fairly decent. It slightly suffered from having too many characters to deal with in one hour, but still a good show nonetheless. So good, I postponed watching 24 for this, for the first time.

Season 1 Episode 14 - Distractions
Original Airing: February 5, 2007
Network: NBC

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