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02 February 2007

Guy Shower

This week's episode of The Office was about Phyllis' bridal shower. Funniest moment took place 3 minutes into the show:

Michael: What's up, spinsters?
Angela: Nothing. You know, this is a luncheon shower. Girls only.
Michael: No problem. The guys are having a little shindig of their own. In the warehouse. From 2:30 to 3:15. It's sort of a Guy's Night Out. G-N-O if you will. A G-No. Actually, it's more of a Guy's Afternoon In. G-A-I. Gai...... Not...no...it's not gay, it's a..... it's a bridal shower for guys. A guy shower! An hour-long shower with guys. Uh, sheeeshhh... [leaves girls' party room]


This party must be playing Guy Love the whole hour.

The Office
Season 3 Episode 15 - Ben Franklin
Original Airing: Feb 1, 2007
Network: NBC

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