23 May 2012

What TV shows do you HATE-WATCH?

"HATE-WATCH is a fancy term for watching shows you don’t like but get perverse satisfaction from."
This quote comes from a Washington Post article that refers to Smash, which is getting a lot of hate-watchers. Not bad for the show, though. At least there IS someone watching it.

What shows do you hate-watch? I'm trying to think really hard.

The first show that came to mind was Ringer.

And then Glee.

And then any TV series that this production company has done. One of these shows stars the actress in the photo I've choses for this blog entry. :P

But I've quit watching all these shows because it's bad for my emotional health. :P I can't even stick with watching just to mock, as hate-watching is also defined as:
a sport that used to fall under the broad term “guilty pleasure,” but now seems retrofitted for the age of social media. It goes something like this: You watch a show you wouldn’t choose to watch for any reason other than to mock it for its awfulness — say, by sharing snide Twitter exchanges with like-minded hate-watchers when the program airs. Collective delight.
And I don't hate-watch Smash. Not yet at least.

What about you?