08 May 2012

Pilot Buzz: GO ON starring Matthew Perry

Being a huge fan of FRIENDS, I'm always happy to hear news about the famous six. I'm even more excited when it's news about a new TV show they'll star.  None of them has earned the same success with these new shows compared to Friends. But I make it a point to watch anything they've done since.

Here's a rundown, before I proceed with the actual topic of this blog...

Courteney Cox's Cougar Town, now on it's 3rd season, is in trouble of getting cancelled. A cable network is rumored to be in talks with the show's creator so it can continue to air. But to say that it should go on for 10 seasons is a long shot. There are some things in Cougar Town I'm not actually crazy about anymore, so I can imagine why others wouldn't find it that appealing, too.

Lisa Kudrow is having better luck producing Who Do You Think You Are? It's an adapted docu-reality show from the UK and it's about celebrities tracing their family's roots. I've seen the whole of 1st season, and the 2nd one is still running. I like the concept. But to have to tune to it every week takes effort so it's better to watch it one go. Lisa also has another series, where she is the lead: Web Therapy. It started out as web series before a cable network bought it for airing. But if you're expecting to see Lisa as you know Lisa (by that, I mean Phoebe Buffay).... don't. Her character in this show is not easy to like.

Matt Le Blanc has Episodes, where he sort of plays a douchier version of himself (as Matt Le Blanc). The series started out great...but Friends fans will also not like his personality here, so better watch prepared. I wasn't. And it was difficult to process because I was so used to watching Matt only as Joey. Episodes will return for a second season in June and this time around, I'm ready to watch Matt sans any Joey Tribianni perceptions I have.

Jennifer Aniston hasn't done any TV show since Friends but did a few guest spots. She was on Cougar Town in the second season, and watching that episode, you kind of see why she and Courteney click together. Their chemistry is undeniable.

David Schwimmer is working behind the scenes as a film director and only came back to TV once, after Friends, on 30 Rock, playing this silly mascot Gonzo.

And then there's Matthew Perry....

Of the six, Matthew has been most visible on TV since Friends ended. He's had two shows that, unfortunately, failed to get second seasons.

  • Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip was a drama series I thought was so well-written and viewers were so stupid for not getting it. On hindsight, that's probably why it failed coz the show was arrogant and self-righteous in some ways. (Hah!) 
  •  Mr. Sunshine was a comedy series that Matthew co-created. There were so many shades of Chandler Bing in his character here, but maybe because it was Chandler Bing in a different world, it just didn't get viewers hooked.

He also recently appeared on The Good Wife as a lawyer/politician with questionable motives. Maybe there really is a conscious choice among these Friends stars to do characters we should hate, perhaps to get out of that box.

Matthew's third series, Go On, is part of NBC's Fall 2012 TV slate. I'm feeling positive about this since, Go On is the FIRST show, among 30 to 40 new shows upcoming, that is getting a series order, when the pilot hasn't even been aired, judged and critiqued.

I'm also psyched that Laura Benanti is in the cast!!! After Playboy Club was abruptly cancelled last October, I distinctly remember tweeting I wish that she would get cast in a new series. (Another wish granted! Thank you gods of TV!!!!!)

Here's the logline to Go On:

And this morning, it's very first cast photo was released:


You're watching this, I hope?

So, this is the 2nd show in my list of TV to watch for the 2012-2013 season. The first one is here.