24 May 2012

[REVENGE] Who Died and Made You Queen of the Hamptons?

Waiiiit a minute, don't leave!

It's hard to talk about Revenge's season finale without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet. But in my defense... in this show? NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. 

And there's my problem with it.  At the end of the episode,  what I got from it? Was a whole lotta nothing!

Alright, there's was something.  I had to pick my jaw on the floor when I saw this character come back bearing something. (See? Spoiler-free! Referring to: Fake Amanda, pregnant.)

But other than that,  I was utterly disappointed.

Something about this show needs to be fixed, because it had a great start.  Can they get Sharon Stone to play the villain, against Madeleine Stowe? I dunno, just saying.

So, seriously? This:

This is not from REVENGE. I am just very amused by the caption. 

I've seen this kind of fake-out before. Odds are, whoever was on that plane is going to leave. I mean, LIVE. Because you don't kill a character like that this early. You don't kill a character like that, EVER. (Referring to: Victoria Greyson.)

I am starting to dislike Baby Victoria (Charlotte), just because her character is an exact carbon copy of her mom. C'mon kid, don't be like her. Coz there's only one Queen and everyone knows that. And do we really need two Victorias?

I am so wary of Declan's curls. I think it's out to seek revenge. :P

I am not happy about that one person who came back. When that character was introduced, Revenge started spiraling, the story zigzagged and lost direction. And I'm definitely sure the writers are going to make something out of that new twist. Not everything is what it seems!

Ashley had an agenda. And you had to suspect. Someone who can do ALL of those things, short of becoming a plumber at the Grayson's house (maybe she already did that, we don't know everything!), had to be after something BIG. Girl's got her eye on a prize.

And finally, the biggest twist at the end, which really? Wasn't that mind-blowing. It wasVictoria's best kept secret: Someone is supposedly alive....surprise!!!! Not. (Referring to: Emily's supposedly dead mother)

This didn't feel like a finale at all. If anything, this felt like a compilation of many "shocking moments" of dramas I've already seen in the last 10 years. Who do I get back to and complain about it??

The only thing I was really happy about? Nolan saying, "Don't do anything revengey till I get there!" Classic.

Photo from FuckYeah, Revenge Tumblr
PS. Post will be edited to reveal identities after a few days. I was really trying to be spoiler-free.