01 May 2012

How I Ruined The Voice USA For Myself. Booooo!

I meant this when I wrote it at that time. But now, I'm reaching a point where The Voice USA is sounding a lot crappier compared to what I originally thought.

And it's completely my fault.

I ruined The Voice USA for myself.

Since finding out the show was also going to have its own versions in UK and Australia, I knew what I'd be putting myself into. I knew I was going to love those versions better than USA.

Just watch this, see?

THE VOICE USA - Erin Willet, "Without You" 
(Click the photo for the video)

THE VOICE UK - Bo Bruce, "Without You" 

Tell me the second one with Bo wasn't  better?? To borrow what these judges usually say, "She made it her own!" and she really did! She sounded very Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries. And she's got spunk while singing on stage. She was super cool. Erin's version had so much going on, but really? It wasn't special. Who was more believable it's "♬never gonna be the same without you?♬"

Here's another one....

THE VOICE USA - Juliet Simms, "It's A Man's World" 
(Click the photo for the video)

THE VOICE AUSTRALIA - Karise Edens, "It's A Man's World" 

I loved USA's Juliet Simm's rendition of it, don't get me wrong. I thought she was superb and it's easy to pick her out as ultimately the winner of this series. 25 years old, with some experience...yeah, she's got this one in the bag. But Karise from Australia is just a TEENAGER. And she can already sing like THAT. How much more when she turns 25?


That's only two samples. 

The past few weeks, I get through The Voice USA by pressing the fast forward button for the good parts. But I'm finding those good parts appearing less and less, as I slowly realize I cannot connect with their singing any longer. I'm starting to also get put off by all those special guests and intermissions on the show. (Who the heck is that group The Wanted?)

Meanwhile, I have to press pause when I'm watching UK or AUS for bathroom breaks or text message interruptions coz I must not, cannot, should not miss anything! Australian talents, especially, have this effect on me. I curse like a sailor each time I watch their show coz clapping my hands or smiling at the entertainment I'm watching on TVisn't enough. Cursing punctuates how passionately I feel about it.

The editing on these shows are also very different from each other. And so far, even with Australia's slight changes in the rules, UK seems to be better at it (editing).

And the only reason why I'm still liking USA? It's because the other two versions do not have Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. No bros like these bros on either UK and AUS, that's for sure. 

But in the end, even THAT? Can't really matter much. 

Because this is all about "the voice"and those singers in the UK and AUS are really, seriously, definitely something else!!! 

Have you been watching The Voice in any of these countries? Who are your favorites so far?