06 May 2012


For a couple of years, I've been wishing for a TV show where the main character is a dog-lover or an animal-lover. I'm not referring to documentaries and reality shows, like those running on the Animal Planet or Discovery Channel (such as the Dog Whisperer). I wanted a show led by a fictional character, who is most likely a veterinarian, or a pet groomer, or someone who relates to dogs really well. Coz there's no character like it on TV these days. I mean, there's a show called Wilfred, but it isn't the kind of show I had in mind. Besides, most people will have a hard time "getting" Wilfred.

Anyway...enter the slate of TV shows for this coming fall season.

And here's one of those series I hear is generating good reviews and feedback from network suits and test groups.

It's called Animal Kingdom.
Edit: The show has been picked up by NBC today, May 8th, and is changed to ANIMAL PRACTICE.

Reading the logline for it, it looks like I'm getting my wish! I'm rewarded for being a good follower of TV! :)

Casting for the series is apparently complete. I googled Justin Kirk, coz the lead actor's name isn't familiar to me and saw that this is how he looks like:

Justin Kirk is on Weeds, which I haven't watched past the first season, where he isn't in the cast yet. I don't know a lot about his work. But because of Animal Kingdom, I'm about to.

I was actually picturing Ryan Devlin for the part of the Vet:

But since the character is described as similar to House, then well, alright....Justin Kirk seems to fit the bill, based on the way he looks --- snarky, but sort of charming.  He's gonna be nice to pets, but nasty to people. I love it already!

Animal Kingdom is going to air on NBC, which I think is good sign. NBC breeds good comedy shows. They don't exactly rate, but the quality is way up there.

What do you think are this show's chances?