09 May 2012

Somebody Broke These Two Girls!

At the beginning of the season, 2 Broke Girls was easily one of my new favorites. I used to watch each episode more than once coz it made me feel good afterwards. But I was aware that some viewers refer to the show as racist, crass and vulgar. I was also aware that viewers have plenty of trouble relating with the supporting cast.

It was far from perfect, but 2 Broke Girls was my fun escape. The characters of Max and Caroline, who are complete opposites, complemented each other so well, they were the best part of the series.

But somewhere in the middle of all these breaks the show took and the addition of a new character (Sophie), the flaws became more obvious to me.

My main issue with it is the lack of character and story development. Max and Caroline are still likeable, but over eight months of watching, I grew tired of a whiny, cynical Max. Her punchlines leave me cringing. Kat Dennings (who plays Max) can do so much better than this.

I loved Caroline from the very beginning because as an heiress, she doesn't behave like a diva around Max and her crew. Except that, you know she is one (a diva). She had us peek into this side of her quite a few times on the show. And over eight months of watching, the character, I've realized, lacks consistency. I mean, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde had this streak of bitchy-ness in her even when she's behaving nicely. Caroline could switch this on and off, and that's something I'm finding difficult to reconcile.

The season finale, which aired this week, seemed uninspired. I've gotten used to big productions that go with finales, and I guess for 2 Broke Girls, the biggest one they could come up with was have Martha Stewart on for a few minutes. But then what? Her presence did nothing for the girls nor the show.  There was no incentive for viewers to stay hooked next season.

The whole story revolved around Max and Caroline getting into plenty of hitches before they finally got to talk to the Domestic Diva.

And there lies my problem with the finale's plot --- it was just like a repeat of the show's other episodes.  Didn't we see them go through quite a few stumbles for their cupcakes the episode before the finale, and the one way before that? How many obstacles before these girls catch a break? I know they have to be "broke" and all, but really, girls? Get a clue! Maybe the cupcake business is not for you. (Besides, cupcakes are so 2010!)

Maybe the season should have ended with something like Max and Caroline realizing they need to find another business to start. They're still broke, but at least you know they're moving forward with something.

Did you like the season finale? How do you think the show progressed over one season?