24 May 2012

My First TV Crush

Following this post from the Vulture...

I started getting hooked on TV as kid. But since my favorite shows were mostly animated, even while I occasionally watched primetime drama with my grandmother and the rest of the family, I didn't have a real TV crush.

Until this boy came to TV...

I was 16 years old when Dylan McKay swept every 16-year old's heart. It's stereotypical, really. What girl can't resist a troubled boy who, deep down, is actually so vulnerable? :P My love affair for characters like that all started with him.

And for a while, I carried myself looking like dorky Brenda. Because that's who Dylan loved:

Went as far as trying to talk, dress and walk like her. IT WAS SILLY! (Hey, I was 16 and stupid!)

This scene remains so fresh in my memory:

I think this was the scene that made me pine for Dylan.

Months later, with no internet or Google to do our researches then, I learned the actor playing him (Luke Perry), wasn't really a teenager but a guy in his mid-20's, which was old to me. My illusion was crushed.

And then I slowly started losing interest for Beverly Hills 90210, when all of their true ages were revealed. I completely stopped watching the show when Brenda said her goodbyes. And by that time, I was also saying goodbye to my youth. I was preparing to land my first job.

Several years later, I see Luke Perry on TV looking like Uncle Sean from The Big C:

And I'm like..."What happened to my Dylan??!!!"

So, what about you? Who was your first TV crush?