03 May 2012

Dear Good Wife, I Know What You Can Get Kalinda For Christmas!

Anyone who watches The Good Wife will never argue of this show's quality. It is superbly written. It's smart. Yet there's a touch of soapy, entertaining element to it, where most guilty-pleasures are derived.

The writing team, headed by real-life husband and wife Robert and Michelle King, tell engaging stories well. I like that they don't have to pull court room stunts to do that (Hello, David E. Kelly!) and instead focus on a fascinating ensemble of characters.

Third season, and it's still as great as ever. There were so many points I've enjoyed from the season finale:
  • Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) pairing together to bring Lockhart/Gardner down.
  • Peter Florrick admitting on record that he and his wife are separated, which sort of cleared Lockhart-Gardner from this nuisance lawsuit, but possibly ruining his own political edge.
  • Alicia's conflicted feelings for her husband and the scenes with her kids.
  • The awkward, but really funny scene at the elevator.
  • and lastly, Kalinda's mysterious husband and a past she now has to face, as it has caught up with her.

But there was  one scene that stood out to me from the final episode and this still plays over and over in my head three days after watching it.

I will let Diane speak for me, coz I've imagined she's the one writing Alicia this letter.  (Actually, I just looove this smile on her during Peter's deposition! Had to screencap it!)

Dear Alicia,

Now that you are back in good terms with Kalinda, I think it's time to reconsider putting her on your Christmas list this year. 

And I know just what you should get her.

The girl needs a purse!

We pay her good money here on Lockhart/Gardner. But I don't understand why Kalinda is still in the habit of stuffing things in her bossom all the time.

Here she is with that $21,000 cheque you found on her file:

I saw her stick it in her cleavage as she walked out of your office, looking quite bad-ass I must say. (What was that about, by the way?) 

And somewhere in between that prominent pair of breast, she also keeps her sunglasses:

I saw her take those shades out of chest, after stuffing the cheque in.  It's fascinating. And disturbing. Why doesn't this girl have any pockets. Or a purse?? 

Alicia, I found out Kalinda's only bag is this ugly duffle bag that is no way perfect for work. 

For ammo, guns, stashed money and perhaps fake IDs, yes. But clearly, you and I know this is not part of the office dress code.

Your friend probably don't have the time to shop, what with all the cases Will asks her to follow and investigate. So, maybe it's time you shop for her.

I don't get in the habit of prying on my employees' personal lives. But this time I must. I worry about Kalinda's back. Who knows what other stuff she's carrying in her chest?  

Get Kalinda a purse for Christmas, Alicia.