25 May 2012

More Revenge-y Stuff (Like What Sweater Was Emily Thorne Wearing?)

I was digging around, trying to see if someone has an answer for what sweater was it that Emily wore in the Revenge finale.

I'm talking about this:

Wouldn't be able to wear where I live. But it is a pretty cableknit! Those sidebuttons? Cute!

My search came up empty. But I found something similar on Neiman Marcus in burgundy.

But it doesn't have the same appeal.

Google-searching didn't help. Possessionista might be able to tell in a few days, as I'm sure someone would've already asked her.

I've been toying with the idea of adding entries like this on this blog, as I do occassionaly. But I don't have the skills to rummage through the internet for fashion finds. That takes talent. And effort to do this everyday. Which I may have no energy for.

Anyway, while digging around, I found these interesting photos. With the exception of Emily Van Camp's, the rest are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!

You can check more celebrity before/after pics on this Pinterest Blog from Snakkle.

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