28 May 2012

TV Style: Janet from HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN

No one's watching the comedy How To Be A Gentleman, which is why it was removed from its schedule in the previous fall season line up after three episodes. And which is why it won't be getting a shot for the second season.

The series basically dabbles on Bromance, with two lead male characters who are complete opposites. One's a douche and the other's....you guessed it, a gentleman.

Its remaining episodes are to be burned off this summer, when people in the US are going on their vacations and downtimes, and willl most likely not tune to their TV.

So, over the weekend, episodes 4 & 5 of Gentleman finally got its airtime. And still, no one was interested. It ended up with just a total of 1.45 million viewers tuning in.

Which means, few people only actually saw Janet's red knitted blouse. And maybe 1.45 million of those viewers are 70% old men, so I assume they hardly noticed this:


Where is this from? I have no idea! But I'd would be on the lookout. A little voice in my head is telling me I could get something like this locally in Baguio, where knits don't go out of stye.  Or from a Lulu Tan Gan boutique, the queen of knitwear in this country.

Anyway,  Janet is played by Mary Lynn Rajskub whom TV viewers loved most as the scowling Chloe on 24.

In Gentleman, Mary Lynn Rajskub brought the scowling face with her, which makes me miss Chloe:

Here's a closer shot of the red knitted top with the flurry of buttons on the sleeves area:

Any idea where this is from online?