28 August 2008

Michael Phelps: First interview on Leno; hosting SNL

The man of the hour...the man who can swim faster than a dolphin or any of these top 10 fastest fishy-fishies is hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Michael Phelps demonstrated his brilliance to the world and became an instant Olympic celebrity at the swimming meets. You cannot have a conversation about the Olympics last week without mentioning Michael Phelps.

And because he's such a hot property right now, everyone's seeing $$$. People swarming around the swimming star are rumored to be trying to get him a book deal, a TV series, or maybe even a movie deal.

And I thought these things only happen in my country!

Now that Michael is back stateside, people are waiting to hear which talk show is going to nab him first. Even Oprah wants a piece of him.

But, it seems NBC is getting all of him before anyone else. Phelps is going to Leno first (airing Sept 8th). And then on Sept 13th he's hosting Saturday Night Live, which technically tests whether he can wow us with skills other than his swimming prowess.

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, have you met their newest member, Bobby Moynihan? Also, watch for Amy Poehler's replacement this season (still unnamed). She is leaving the show since she's going to have her own series soon.

Did you get all that?