17 August 2008

Maybe I'll like this better than Gossip Girl?

Some two or three years ago, a young 21-year old man and his 40-something dad pitched a TV idea for BBC network. It had a story that was quite different by any standards; a teen show with a real edge.

And as most teens only have a couple of things on their mind --- i.e. rebelling, getting into mischiefs, flirting, having sex, trying out drugs --- all these were to become the backbone to what would be a TV show called Skins.

Yes, it featured kids barely 18 years old doing everything their parents told them not to.

And it is a show that, as this critic had written down, made Gossip Girl look quaint.

Unlike Gossip Girl though, Skins is a comedy-drama series, which is my sole reason for wanting to check it out. You know how odd British humor can be (or humour...if I'm being British about it. Heh.)

The people behind this program are mostly made of cast members and writers none older than 22 years old. Young as they are, they obviously have very little experience with creating a TV program whatsoever. But they do know what they speak of (or act and write from); as opposed to most teens series today with a 40-year old writer going at the script through the eyes of an 18 year old.

Skins managed to last two seasons or about 19 episodes (British series are short).

It will be aired beginning this week on BBC America.

Here are clips to Skins: