08 August 2008

TV Round-up: What's new with Sanjaya and why was Luke Perry Arrested?

Dylan McKay arrested! No, that's actually Luke Perry, guest starring in an upcoming Law and Order SVU episode.

Oprah is TV's biggest earner. Whatever happened to Katherine Heigl who was on Forbes' list?

American Idol News: Bo Bice has a new baby boy. David Archuleta has a new single and he sounds really, really good. Sanjaya has a new girlfriend.

News Radio is coming out with a complete DVD boxset. Darn, I still have to complete mine and they come up with this other option.

Laurence Fishburne to replace Petersen on CSI?

Sounds like my kind of TV story: AMC Remakes Copolla's The Conversation

Lisa Kudrow's ex-manager, who probably earns about $1.5M something a year when Lisa had Friends, is suing her for $50,000.

Don't forget, the Beijing Olympics opens tonight at 8PM.