21 August 2008

Tracking the missing Walker

Information about the 7th Walker on Brothers and Sisters are slowly coming out. There isn't an actor cast for the role yet. Ryan Walker's face is still a mystery. But E! Online has the scoop on his background.

Ryan Walker is an All American Golden Boy. Just like John-John Kennedy. He is also a "football player who sat in the front row of your 10th-grade English class." Smart. Well-read. Alpha Male. But he supposedly share something in common with Justin. The missing Walker is also into drugs; not taking it, not a dependent, more like selling them.

He's raised by a man he thinks is his biological father. That man is played by David Andrews (pictured). Ryan's mother is already dead. Kitty is the one who'll track him down in Bakersfield. His character is appearing around the 8th-9th episode of Season 3.

Who'd you want to play Ryan Walker?