30 August 2008

The last weekend till everything else gets crazy...

You know what I'm doing today until Sunday evening? I'm watching as much as I can. It's my weekend of free-for-all.

I've chosen to catch up on Alias and then I'm finally checking out Dawson's Creek (which I have not seen before. I know, so late!).

I've just finished three episodes of How Not to Live Your Life (odd British series, I can't say if I liked or disliked it, the lead character is a turd!)

I'm also catching up on Spooks (MI 5), checking out Everwood and Jack and Bobby, while taking a night cap with Friends.

I'm not watching every episode on these shows. That will take me the rest of the year to finish. I'm picking only one or two episodes each. And since that is the case, can you suggest a show I should check out? It's a free-for-all weekend after all.

I don't know why I've chosen to do this the weekend before Fall season kicks in (which by the way, already started when I saw Greek's latest episode for season 2 the other day --- It wasn't monumental but I'm happy it's back.) Perhaps it's my way of preparing for hopefully a good season ahead.

Got everything set up and ready to go after dinner. Whee!

What are you doing this weekend?