22 August 2008

TV Round Up: Breasts, Phelps, new movie, new guy and new blog

This was purposely missed last week because nothing interesting happened. Oh, TV. Now you bore me!

Moving along...

Christina Applegate is Cancer Free. She also had both her breasts removed.

Lawrence Fishburne is "the prof" on CSI. He replaces William Petersen who has announced he is leaving the show. Fishburne's character will be introduced in the 10th or 11th episode of the new season. He has admitted he has never watched CSI before this.

Who is up for a Veronica Mars movie?

David Archuleta beats David Cook at the Music Charts!

Michael Phelps comes to DVD.

Don't forget to watch the Olympics closing ceremony this Sunday. It should be as spectacular as the opening ceremony.

Izzie's got a new guy. Could be an old cast member. Someone like McSteamy.

And I've got a new TV blog. It's 3 days old and I'm getting kinda lonely over there with no one crawling up the site yet.