29 August 2008

TV Round Up: Chuck Season 2, Addison on Grey, Melrose Place, 90210, Veronica Mars and more...

It's time for another round-up!

Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) is lending her voice to the Astro Boy movie.

Does David Blaine have a death wish? Is he trying to kill himself?

A Melrose Place reunion, if only for one night.

Kelly Taylor's baby daddy is Dylan McKay? But baby daddy is still firm in his decision he isn't going to appear in the new series.

More TV appearances for Michael Phelps: VMA awards and Entourage (video).

Meet the cast of Survivor Gabon.

Chuck gets a full 22-episode Season 2 order. And the show hasn't even started yet! He's also going to get some. Good one, Chuck!

Addison's back, yet again, on Grey's Anatomy?

Here's a complete summary to those upcoming shows this fall, if you wanna know.